Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joy - Sadghuru
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My Reading Notes:

  • Unfortunately, we have forgotten the real meaning of the word. “Guru” literally means “dispeller of darkness.” The function of the guru, contrary to popular belief, is not to teach, indoctrinate, or convert. The guru is here to throw light on dimensions beyond your sensory perceptions and your psychological drama, dimensions that you are currently unable to perceive. The guru is here, fundamentally, to throw light on the very nature of your existence.
  • And so, this book has finally been divided into two sections. The first maps the terrain; the second offers you a way to navigate it. What you are about to read in this section is not a display of academic expertise. Instead, this section seeks to offer a series of fundamental insights—insights that lay the foundation or bedrock on which the architecture of the more practice-oriented second section is built.