Oneness - Rasha
Oneness – Rasha

My Reading Notes:

  • One becomes aware that the need to put forth one’s viewpoint and to have it embraced by others is of less importance than maintaining the harmonious state within.
  • Each of you is on your own timetable. Each of you,essentially, is on your own unique journey. The timing for the illumination of certain issues comes when the individual is ready to fully integrate those understandings, and not before.
  • Spiritual growth is not focused on a destination but rather on the journey itself.
  • When your energies are at a low ebb and you are experiencing resistance, it is a time to pull inward and not to escalate adversity by directly confronting those circumstances.
  • Vibrationally, you diminish your own energies every time you engage in a negative encounter with another being. The choice to refrain from exposing yourself to negative environment is always there for you.
  • As you become consciously aware that the only thing that can be counted on is the realization that nothing can be counted on. You will shift from mind-set of expectation to one of allowance.
  • Your own experience is the highest truth, for you.
  • Your life is a testimonial to your own choices and the insights you are able to glean from them. The habit of looking to others for a nod of approval doesn’t serve to reinforce your autonomy as a self-realizing being.
  • When, at last, there is nothing left to lose, you are ready. For only then, in the sacred space of humility, are you able to recognize and to embrace what has never been lost. That precious spark awaits you. Turn within.
  • Imagine for a moment that life as you know it is but a fragment of the true nature of reality.