GMO's Revealed - Dr. Patrick Gentempo DOCUMENTARY
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My Reading Notes:

  • We see it in human health just as we see it in plant health if you use just couple of nutrients and you steal / remove many of the others from the food chain our plants begin to fail.
  • Glyphosate – active ingredients of Round Up which is the most successful herbicide
    • Water soluble toxin is very dangerous as it goes everywhere (it evapurates into air and rain, lakes, i.e.)
    • The way it kills is it blocks the enzyme pathway called Shikame pathway which prevents from creating a ringed aromatic amino acids
    • Certain amino acids have to be taken from plants and these plants can’t produce them
    • 99.9% of this chemical goes to water systems 0.1% hits the weed
    • 90s was the first time USA used glyphosate to dry the crops so the army could see enemy in the forest
    • Glyphosate hits the cell of membrane of the intestine and it upper regulates the receptor for gluten that causes the gluten sensitivity and leaky gut effect. We not only created abnormal crop (high gluten to fiber ratio, nutrient quality) we also had this toxin synergistic with the gluten
  • Glyphosate is robing the soil and plants from creating those essential amino acids. Multiple spraying of Round Up is stopping the plant and soil from creating nutrients.
  • Gluten sensitivity – when synergy happens from gleaden (gluten product) and glyphosate (Round Up) when those come together it creates a leak in the membrane of your intestines so you no longer have the membrane to absorb nutrients and block the toxins out. Same thing is happening at the plant level. Plant immune system is failing as well.
  • Extracullar matrix – structure of the cells a communicating between cells (like fiber optics). Every organ in the body is connected to every cell through this matrix.
  • Because you’re stressing the crop you can increase yield of the field for 2-3 years. However 7-10 years and keep growing GMO suddenly you see decrease in yield.
  • GMO pollen was airborne and moving from crops to crops. Monsanto started going from crop to crop suing farmers for intellectual property. In 10 years (1996-2006) they owned 95% of soy bean and 85% of corn industry.
  • Bayer bought Monsanto that is plateauing as there’s no way to keep the crops growing and growing. Bayer found a new way of selling the product by inventing new type of GMO. That GMO is called Liberty Link, not Round Up.
  • Last year 2 billion kilograms of glyphosate was used worldwide which may double in 6 years if we hold the patterns.
  • When we eat the corn we eat heavy amounts of BT toxins (it doesn’t wash off since it was genetically engineered into the corn)
  • Myth: GMO is part of the traditional breeding. From scientific standpoint it’s not the same, from PR standpoint it is.
  • ” My parents start getting sick in their 60s (chronic diseases) and they were typical like heart disease. Today, our generation start to get sick in their 30s. Today, we see some of the effects with the teenagers that are having different types of allergies, anxieties, autism.
  • There is so much Round Up resistant weeds out there that companies come up with new toxins to destroy weed. Is that a good thing? Definitely not.
  • If you want to start the best way is to create a journal: what is it that you’re eating, how are your energy levels, what’s your mood, do you have any symptoms. Start today!
  • BT toxin is a gene that is inserted into corn and turning on/off genes inside. The problem is that we don’t know if they don’t do the same to our genes. Also, it hasn’t been studied how ingested GMO affects body. There have been study on mice that developed cancer.
  • Meat from an animal raised on GMO feed is bio accumulating the pesticides.
  • Starvation / hunger crisis is caused by geopolitical / distribution issue. Not GMO.
  • 40 years ago we spent 16% on food 8% on health care. Those numbers have completely inverted.
  • The most frightening new development in GMO technology is that Monsanto are developing new type of GMO that will basically take advantage at how cells naturally regulate themselves. It is more of an epigenetic engineering ( looking at manipulating RNAs).
  • We have the amazing miraculous planet with infinite amount of diversity and we’re letting corporations kill everything on the surface of the planet to “save the humanity” ?
  • GMO 2.0 – rather than introducing a new gene into the plant you can either edit or silence the genes. Because of that you will have 100s of different mutations in the plant. Currently you don’t need labeling for this (USA) and FDA doesn’t do enough studies. Question is what will happen to your body that uses plant’s DNA to function. It could potentially edit human’s DNA.